Fits All web and sheet cleaners-
  • Manufacturer of Adhesive Tape Rolls for 25+ years
  • Environmentally friendly 100% aqueous (water based) manufacturing
  • Guaranteed performance or your money back
  • Adhesive and Top Coat manufacturer since 1986.

As the manufacturer of millions and millions of square inches of adhesive tape rolls for over 35 years our experience and quality is Guaranteed! Our proprietary adhesive formulation is specifically designed for this application and will hold the maximum number of particles. Our customers tell us that these roll last and clean longer! With our 100% pure acrylic water based adhesive manufacturing we use no solvents or additives…our product is stable over temperature and humidity. Specified, 100% quality controlled standards ensure adhesive coatweight for removal of particles. Our custom built slitting equipment for adhesive tape rolls and years of experience guarantees consistent quality rolls. Our exclusive base paper is designed for contact cleaning with its superior smoothness, barrier layer and strength it guarantees consistency of coating while also providing consistent contamination pick up and good moisture and humidity stability. Our product is designed specifically for this application and is guaranteed or your money back. We guarantee Quality, Lowest Price, Quick Shipment and extra cleaning value to save you time and money!