AzCoat can topcoat a range of materials to make them print receptive. Traditionally non-printable materials can be made to receive laser, thermal transfer, flexographic, ink jet, and other inks, dyes, or pigments. Sometimes materials not originally suited for imaging need a variety of coatings to make the imaging process workable. With over 100 years combined experience, AzCoat can develop a topcoating to suit your needs.

In addition to topcoating for print reception, top coats can also provide protection as in the case of special UV coatings that are applied to lamination material for UV protection, there are also coatings that make surfaces matte or glossy, moisture resistant, solvent resistant, anti-reflective, optically clear, anti-static, moisture stable, enhanced (paper only) etc. AzCoat has either already produced products that fall into these categories or is able to, if needed!

Other coatings AzCoat can produce and apply fall under other coating categories including general, high performance, functional, and release coatings. These general coatings can be applied to a range of substrates including: