When your problem requires a special custom blended adhesive, topcoat, lamination, label stock, color formulation, or custom coating, look to AzCoat, Inc. for a fast and economical solution. AzCoat has developed specialty products for small and large companies.

Take an apple label for example

An apple is moist and curved. Standard adhesives won’t stick very well, and the adhesive has to be FDA approved for food contact. Plus, the surface of the label needs a special printable topcoat. AzCoat accepted the challenge and successfully developed a special label stock for use on all kinds of fruit. Chances are, you took AzCoat label off your apple today.

Wine bottles offer a different adhesive challenge

Some wine bottles require a very unique label. It has to stick tight on the bottle when placed in cold water or ice but come off easily in hot water for recycling. Quite a problem for the same adhesive. It took creativity, chemistry, and coating expertise at AzCoat to solve this problem for one of our customers. Today, our wine bottle labels are used worldwide.

Snow skiing can be sticky

Very few people consider snow skiing a sticky problem, except those in the ski business. A ski tag is a real challenge to make. It has to be durable, printable, moisture and cold resistant just to name a few characteristics. AzCoat designed a very special lamination system for ski tag label stock that is now being used worldwide. If you’re a snow skier, chances are good you’ve worn an AzCoat ski tag.

Stick to rusty pipes

Make a vinyl printable adhesive-backed material that will stick to rusty pipes. That was the challenge recently given to AzCoat by a safety identification company looking for pipe markers. To make product development more difficult, the vinyl had to match the new ANSI Color Standards for safety identification. Plus, the topcoat has to be printable in a resin thermal transfer printer and last for years. AzCoat delivered a super finished product line to the customer in 90 days within budget.

  • Ribbon Handles
  • Inkjet Heat Seal
  • Security
  • DirectThermal Tags
  • Medical