Thanks for taking the time to review our SuperLzr line of laser printable products.

Designed for roll to roll or sheet laser printing we know you need a quality products reasonably priced in the market place to succeed and will not work aggressively to accomplish that objective.

Our White and Clear Polyester in various thicknesses is known for durability and quality. Have a special application that requires a specific top coating, we can develop a laser top coating for your application. Need color film…we can do that.

Available with different adhesives from permanent to removable our film performs well in a broad range of temperatures both hot and cold. We stock over 20 adhesives and films and paper can be custom adhesive coated to your requirement. We offer a complete line of adhesive’s including, static cling, ultra-removable, removable, permanent removable, permanent, tight radius permanent, all temperature, freezer grade, light blocker, cohesive, and special blends. If the project requires a special adhesive, we can make it stick.

With multiple liner options, laser specific top coating we will bring new perspectives, ideas and will collaborate to get you the product you and your customers require.

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