In 1986, AzCoat started as an in-house R & D lab for a large company in Arizona. After a buyout and personnel changes, the main technicians, engineers and operations personnel spun off and started their own manufacturing operation. The bulk of Azcoat’s business originally was to supply one or two accounts with proprietary products. As Azcoat grew, it was able to start developing products for other companies as well as start its own line of products for conversion and resale.
Azcoat’s specialty is developing and manufacturing niche products that require adhesive application, top-coating, or lamination processes in order to make effective, specialty products. For years, Azcoat has been able to maintain high quality standards and produce quality products that satisfy a wide range of markets. Some of the industries Azcoat's products have served are:

Many of the exact products made for these particular industries are patent protected and are proprietary to the company for which they are manufactured. Ensuring these products and trade secrets are protected is essential to Azcoat. Competitive advantages are critical to some products remaining valuable, therefore where they’re manufactured and who they are manufactured by is critical to keep private. All proprietary items produced at Azcoat are protected and will not end up in the market with Azcoat’s brand name on them. The products mentioned in this website have been approved prior.