Product Development

AzCoat services as the key product developer and processor of film and paper roll stocker for companies who make ski tags, wine labels, Supertags, and other coated labels for wide range of industries. AzCoat has the experience, knowledge and equipment to create new and better coatings for a growing marketplace.

Specialty Coatings

AzCoat is known for developing processes that meet customers’ unique coating requirements, such as cohesive products, temperature release adhesives, water soluble labels and other specialty applications. AzCoat’s staff is second to none in experience and process development.

Custom, Production Quantities

When customers need limited quantities for product testing and introduction, ther choose AzCoat. As a coatings development and processing plant, AzCoat has the equipment to efficiently produce short run quantities on new products. It is simple process from there to gear up for production runs when all testing and research have been concluded.

Plant and Equipment

AzCoats custom-designed built coaters are capable of gravure and mayer rod coatings on virtually all types of roll materials. In-line coatings weight measurement ensures uniformity of product. The fully-equipped laboratory conducts processes and product development and quality assurance testing. The plant has slitting and parent sheeting capabilities to provide the finished product.

Environmentally Conscious

One-hundred percent of AzCoat’s coatings are water-based. Customers conscious of the potential environmental impact of solvents prefer the use of aqueous-based coatings on their products.

Laboratory capability

AzCoat has a fully equipped laboratory capable of both process and product development as well as quality testing. AzCoat has a formal and documented quality assurance system based on customer standards and employee empowerment to produce the product that customer defines and expects. Test equipment and methods comply with ASTM, PSTC, and TAPPI.

Plant and equipment

AzCoat operates from a 100,000 sq. foot facility in Scottsdale, Arizona. The plant is equipped with 2 coaters; one 46”, one 27”. The facility also has parent sheeting and roll slitting equipment for a wide variety of applications. Additional space is available for storage of raw materials and chemicals.

AzCoat is about unique services

AzCoat has the technical capabilities of a much larger coating company and will develop and manufacture low volume niche products that larger coaters will not. Depending on the product, AzCoat can coat as small as 1,560 msi. Product design and quality custom coating runs are AzCoat’s business. Although not an exclusive, 100% of AzCoat coating is aqueous (water base). The non-use of solvents is the objective of our environmentally conscious company.

AzCoat offers you both development and custom coating capability

As a coatings development and processing plant, AzCoat has the equipment and experienced personnel to help you formulate your adhesive and efficiently make short runs to test your product specifications and performance. Once proven, it is a simple process to scale up for larger production runs once all testing and research has been concluded.

Our team of experts stands ready to solve your product development and coating problem.

AzCoat, Inc. has earned an excellent reputation for developing high quality processes and products that meet unique customer coating requirements including; cohesive products, temperature release adhesives, water soluble label stock, ink jet and laser printable topcoats, special UV protective coatings, and hundreds of other specialty coating application products. Dedicated and experiences coating operators add years of process expertise to unique chemical formulations, making quality custom products. At AzCoat, coating is as much an art as a science. This ensures better products are made faster and more economical for our customers. Over 100 years of combined chemistry, coating and converting expertise is applied to every AzCoat custom job.